Natalie Kingston – Cinematographer of LOST BAYOU (Ep24)

Natalie Kingston – Cinematographer of LOST BAYOU (Ep24)

In this episode of Directing Magic; Natalie Kingston, New Orleans-based cinematographer of LOST BAYOU, joins Marquette. They discuss how to craft a common creative language between a director and cinematographer, the different ways to approach shooting a documentary versus a narrative film, and what makes the Southern visual aesthetic so special (hint: it’s the energy with a dash of humidity!).

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Cinematographer Natalie Kingston was born and raised in a small southern Louisiana town where she ran around with a VHS camcorder on her shoulder as a young girl shooting her own movies. She quickly became fascinated with the idea of creating images and sharing them with other people. Natalie has been attached to the camera’s viewfinder since.

Natalie recently wrapped production for the feature film, LOST BAYOU, a Duplass Brothers grant recipient.

She shot Sam Pollard’s grammy-nominated TWO TRAINS RUNNIN’ narrated by COMMON and featuring the music of GARY CLARK JR.

Natalie was the cinematographer of the award-winning commercial – READY TO SPEAK UP for BOOTS NO.7 featuring CHIMAMANDA NGOZI ADICHIE. She was also behind the lens for the music video – Everything’s Gonna Be Alright – for PJ MORTON of MAROON 5.

She received the BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY AWARD at the 2015 New Orleans Film Festival for her exhibited body of work across four narrative films – Atchafalaya, Rite, Dandelion and Si.

She was honored with the ZEISS PRECISION IMAGE AWARD for her cinematography on the film, After the Circus in 2011.

Natalie completed a Cinematography Residency at Maine Media College and has a Bachelor of the Arts from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. She also completed the highly regarded ASC Masterclass. Natalie is a member of the International Collective of Female Cinematographers and Women in Film and Television.


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