Tamara Kotevska – Co-Director of Honeyland (Ep37)

Tamara Kotevska – Co-Director of Honeyland (Ep37)

In this episode of Directing Magic; Tamara Kotevska, co-director of Oscar-nominated documentary, HONEYLAND, talks about what inspired her to share this story. They discuss Tamara’s creative process and how she and her team overcame language barriers to create a visually stunning work of culture and art.

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Filmmaker Biography:

Together with Ljubomir Stefanov, Kotevska spent three years in Bekirlija, North Macedonia filming the documentary about a female wild beekeeper, Hatidze, in HONEYLAND. The film was originally going to be a documentary short about the Bregalnica river region when they came across the beekeeper. Kotevska and Stefanov previously worked together on another documentary, Lake of Apples (2017).

Honeyland won three awards at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival and received two nominations at the 92nd Academy Awards: Best Documentary Feature and Best International Feature Film. It is the second Macedonian film to earn an Oscar nomination after Before the Rain (1994).

This episode was sound edited by Annabeth Mellon, a student at The University of Alabama.