Rainy Kerwin – actor/writer/director/producer of The Wedding Invitation (Ep12)

Rainy Kerwin – actor/writer/director/producer of The Wedding Invitation (Ep12)


In this episode of Directing Magic; Marquette is joined by Rainy Kerwin, director of THE WEDDING INVITATION. They discuss how Rainy managed all the hats she had to wear as the writer, director, producer and actor of her first feature film and what inspired her to take charge of her creative career.

Guest Biography:


Rainy is the award-winning, writer-director-producer of the upcoming feature film, The Wedding Invitation. The film has racked up 6 wins and 2 nominations. She was an extremely hands-on producer with “The Wedding Invitation” from funding all the way through post-production and distribution. TWI is the first of a 3-picture slate that she’s producing with IRF.  As a writer, Rainy’s scripts have been shortlisted for the Meryl Streep Women In Film Lab and the PGA Proshow Awards. Rainy is an actors’ director and loves working with talent. As a director and acting coach, Rainy has worked with over 1000 actors.

Rainy is the founder of the platform BuyWomen.com — a site dedicated to drive audiences to see more films written and directed by women. She’s a proud member of Women In Film and the Alliance of Women Directors. “I’ve always been obsessed with movies, ever since I was a little girl in Winnipeg. The theater is my church. I love sitting in a dark roomful of strangers and going on a journey for 97 minutes.” A lover of all things funny, Rainy is known as a bit of a prankster.


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